About Us - We Are Personal

Our Background

We Are Personal is the result of years of R&D, inspired in turn by our founder Adam's decade in digital; his obsession with user experience, buying psychology and neuromarketing.

Having delivered over a hundred digital marketing projects (and counting) Adam and our team have trialled the leading personalisation and campaign tools.

They were either too clunky, slow to implement, too basic, or just too complex.

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Just as salespeople will tailor each pitch to every person, our platform will give every visitor a completely different experience; personalising your site for their needs.

And when we say completely different - we mean it - our platform will adapt content, design, calls to action, and colour palettes, automatically for each segment, resulting in digital campaigns that will rocket your revenue.

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While our software does the heavy lifting with the data, our user experience experts and developers fully manage website asset creation to create bespoke, branded, landing pages and site experiences for your campaigns.

The result is the closest thing you'll ever get to having a live salesperson nurturing leads and serving your loyal customers online 24 hours a day; bringing the human art of persuasion to digital. At last.

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You can have a more successful campaign than you thought possible!